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Savory Power Pancakes with Coconut-Mint Dip and Corn-Tomato Relish

Savory Power Pancakes with Coconut-Mint Dip and Corn-Tomato Relish

These deliciously healthy, protein-packed savory pancakes are full of ground lentils and fresh vegetables. It makes a great snack when you are low on energy or as a breakfast. Top it off with some coconut-mint dip and a fresh corn-tomato relish, and you have a perfect spring snack! With the combination of a variety of lentils and rice, this dish is a super wholesome meal to enjoy. Packed with amazing flavors and loads of protein, this nutritious breakfast is especially good for growing kids. STEP BY STEP: DID YOU MAKE THIS RECIPE? Don’t forget to tag @naturallynidhi on Instagram and hashtag it #naturallynidhi. You can also post your pictures to my facebook page. I’d love to hear how the recipe turned out and what you think  in the comment section below.  You can also find me on and share your creation with me!

Saffron-Rose Coconut Ladoo

Creamy coconut milk ladoos with a silky center rolled in toasted coconut and made two ways! The rose-coconut ladoo is made with rose syrup and has the most aromatic, heavenly presence. The saffron-coconut ladoo boasts a vibrant hue of yellow and mellow flavors. Perfect for festivals or just to sweeten your palette these little beauties take just about 15 minutes! These ladoos can be made in two different ways – 1) traditional recipe or  2) quick 15 minutes truffle style recipe.

Savory Coconut Peas Gujiya

Traditional Indian gujiya, but with a festive twist. The flaky pastry is stuffed with a savory peas and coconut filling and delicately seasoned with chili and cumin. The mellowed sweetness of the coconuts works wonderfully with the hearty tones of the peas and creates this heavenly texture and taste. I’m also trying to stay healthy this Holi, so all of these are air fried!