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Quinoa Khichdi Arancini

Quinoa Khichdi Arancini With Achari Mayo Dip

Perfect as a light snack or appetizer for your next get-together, you can’t go wrong with these adorable Quinoa Khichdi Arancini paired with achari mayo dip! Cooked in an air-fryer or appe pan, these crispy little bites with loads of protein and veggies are much more healthier than the traditional Italian arancini!

InstaPot Rajma Masala Bowl with Aloo Gobhi and Jeera Rice

InstaPot Rajma Masala Bowl with Crispy Airfryer Aloo Gobhi & Jeera Rice

This Punjabi tadka lunch is fit for a king!! 🙌 The Rajma or kidney beans are a North Indian dish and were made in the instapot. The rich gravy encompasses all of the tomato and onion flavors that’s packed in the beans. It has Aloo Gobi, which is an air-fried dish made with spiced, tender potatoes and cauliflower. Couple it with some Jeera rice (cumin rice) or Makka Roti (cornflour flatbreads) for a perfect spring meal! Serving it in a bowl works great too!

Khaja with Sabudana Kheer

Khaja with Sabudana Kheer

This classic Indian dish, which is a staple all over India, consists of a Khaja (layered pastry) and Sabudana Kheer (tapioca pudding) with fresh fruit! The layered pastry is coated in a luscious sugar syrup and ghee (clarified butter). The tapioca pudding is a creamy, silky, milk-based dessert that is lightly flavored with saffron, cardamom, and freshly sliced fruits!! It’s air fried too! Steps for Khaja:

Savory Coconut Peas Gujiya

Traditional Indian gujiya, but with a festive twist. The flaky pastry is stuffed with a savory peas and coconut filling and delicately seasoned with chili and cumin. The mellowed sweetness of the coconuts works wonderfully with the hearty tones of the peas and creates this heavenly texture and taste. I’m also trying to stay healthy this Holi, so all of these are air fried!