Hi and welcome! I’m Nidhi Bothra and this blog is a collection of my cooking; where I write, make, and photograph delicious vegetarian food. My goal is to simplify the hassles of healthy cooking for you and conquer the vast sea of food with traditional and modern recipes.

Being born and raised in India, but eventually moving to the US, my cooking strives to blur the lines between Indian style and modern flair. And throughout my life, I have found such comfort in cooking; a nostalgic reminiscence of the earthy spices and fresh herb blends that are synonymous with India. My cooking career stems from a love and passion of authentic flavors, intricate techniques, and the fresh perspective I am able to gain. Through this blog, I aim to spread awareness and bring prominence to the wonders of authentic Indian cooking and make a small impact in your large, modern lives.

Thank you for visiting the site. I love to hear from readers! Please leave a comment,  or find me on  Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter Pinterest. And if you make a recipe, let me know how it turns out or click a picture, share it on Instagram, tag it @naturallynidhi and hashtag it #naturallynidhi. You can also post your pictures to my Facebook page.


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