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Sabudana Tapas

Sabudana Tapas

With soft, crunchy, and toasted textures, all mixed in one mini cocktail cup, this sabudana (sago/tapioca) appetizer is quick to make and absolutely mouthwatering. It has layers of tamarind/cilantro chutney, sabudana, veggies, potatoes, and spices for a chaat style dish! Sabudana, sago or tapioca pearls used to be one of the major components of my mother’s lavish and only meal of her fasting days. Yes, staying hungry for the entire day for your husband’s long life or for your child’s bright future are some bizarre but legendary beliefs of my beloved India. Well, enough on the incredibility of this country, let me tell you about the dish I have created based on traditional sabudana. Reflecting an individual color, each layer of this Sabudana Tapas has its own burst of flavor. The bottom-most layer of tamarind chutney gives a hint of piquantness while the middle layer of sabudana is lightly tossed with spices like salt, pepper and sugar to maintain its subtlety. The soft and elastic sabudana are introduced with crunchy peanuts and roasted namkeen, an …

Sprouted Rose Dahi Chaat

Sprouted Rose Dahi Chaat

Indian street food at its best!! This papdi chaat has been made with a unique touch; Rose yogurt! It consists of even layers of papdi, baked puris, fresh sprouts, potatoes, rose infused yogurt, spices, and sev. The creamy notes of the delicate yogurt perfectly complement the Tangy freshness of the sprouts, while the flavor of the spices really cut through the whole dish. It’s a really cohesive, flowery dish and brings the impeccable flavors of street food to the comfort of home! STEP BY STEP: