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Dahi Mustard Bhindi – Okra in Yogurt Mustard Gravy

Creamy and rich, this Bengali-inspired dish is a new twist to the classic bhindi (okra) we all love. With flavors of mustard, poppy seed, and almonds, spice up your dinner game with this quick, delicious recipe!

This paneer makhani recipe with a quick and healthy twist was invented as a weeknight dinner. It has a tomato, onion, and cashew gravy that is subtly sweet and perfectly cushions the tender pieces of paneer that are dropped in. Without any cream and designed as a one-pot meal, this recipe is such a fast and wholesome dish that is sure to be a hit with your families, especially your children.

Paneer Makhani (Quick & Easy Recipe)

Tied to beloved memories and nostalgia from both my kids’ childhoods, this dish stems from very close to my heart. As early as I can remember, both of my kids were hooked onto paneer, especially my youngest. Although I was delighted that it had started to grow on him, I felt hesitant giving him such a creamy/heavy dish everyday. Working over the next few days to perfect a quick recipe for paneer makhani, while keeping that classic taste, my innovation and creativity led me to this, an equally delicious and doable recipe. The dish has a rich gravy with tomatoes, onions, cashews, and most importantly, no cream. Perched in this subtle gravy are delicate, tender pieces of cubed paneer. The sweetness of the gravy perfectly complements the absorbent properties of the paneer, making a wonderfully cohesive dish. In fact, since this recipe is so much healthier than a normal paneer, I was even able to make this a 30-minute recipe by cooking the gravy and paneer together. Now, my kids and all of you can …